... in the rear guard position we have BUG, who (as you can tell by the formidable right front paw and the deadly look on her face)  is the latest in a line of six toed mercenaries



...and BACKUP cat 

(because redundancy is a good thing when security systems are designed)  

The current guards on duty include:

...and then there was Nick, our Elk hound (likely the best dog I'll ever have)  who's, no doubt, chasing white-tail deer all over heaven.

Butter â€‹(shown here in his deceptive possum pose) 

.... and his fuzzy litter mate Billy 

Brute... another six toed eating..... (err, I mean)  killing​ machine.

All of whom have gone on to a 10th life.

In addition to the usual considerations that are, unfortunately, a 'must' in the world today, even out where we live, our security has long been assured by a large, evolving cadre' of highly trained & motivated killers including.....

...our Great Pyrnees who, IF his bite was as big as his BARK and he didn't have the I.Q. of a turnip, really could eat the tires off of a UPS truck.

And FINALLY  there's â€‹BOB


Blue Cat who had 6 or 7 deadly claws on each foot â€‹(and whose name requires a face to face explaination)