A person with a dream and vision

is more powerful

‚Äčthan a person with facts and a budget

 Why?  You may wonder.... well like so many engineers of my generation I cannot go on the ultimate trip that I'd like to make to space.... but I can still dream and strive to satisfy that most ancient urge.....

In the words of the great  Carl Sagan  -------------->>

"I'd  rather have stories to tell than a bank account" 

A professional fisherman on why he chose his dangerous occupation

As mentioned in passing in the introduction to the page with links to the various car meets I've attended, back in 2009 when LARS, my 1970 1800E failed to make the trip home from Seattle just after I bought it, I started scheming, then & there to get to a point where I could, if I choose, take off not just to attend a car meet, but to take some extended driving vacations.  If and as I do that I hope to add an entry documenting each trip. The link(s) below will take you to a running account of where I went and how it went (or didn't) on each such adventure.