And this link will show you some of the various upgrades and overhauls I've done over the past few years, including a real marathon over the winter of 2013-2014. 

These links will each take you on a brief picture overview of the meets I've attended and a few of the people I've met so far.

After buyingLARS my first 1800 since I got into this hobby back in 2009. I discovered that there are two, more or less, national clubs for vintage Volvos (Volvo Club of America)  VCOA and one principally for the 1800 (Volvo Sports America) VSA.

I joined them both, but quickly found that all of VSA's activities were either on the east or west coast (with one exception you can see here) while VCOA has chapters and meets spread around the country.  When LARS failed to make the initial trip home, leading to my long term goal of making a major ROAD TRIP in him eventually, I started by setting a nearer term goal of bringing him up to a level of reliability that would let me participate in some national club meets a bit closer to home. It took a while, but by the summer of 2011 I drove to my first VCOA meet in Lindsborg Kansas where I met and started to become acquainted with a group of folks that I've come to think of as far-flung friends - the fellow old Volvo fans of VCOA and at the one and only  VSA held in the midwest since I joined.